Shauna Cuch


Shauna is an international best selling author of Big Souls Make Big Promises."

Soon to be published is "The Shadow Journal" which is in high demand.



Our vision with Family Constellations is to provide a unique approach to resolving trauma, based on the idea that problems sift down ancestrally often manifesting as stress in the here and now.  When we examine our feelings and perceptions in a "knowing circle," we can break free of familial/interpersonal patterns that result in suffering. Working through our family constellation offers us the ability to find the root of our stuck emotions and resolve them. 



Providing unique opportunities to support and guide a deep dive into Self-Love through embracing and clearing shadow in a fun and unique way that the conscious mind does not even realize the healing is taking place. 



Everyone that contributes to this organization is on a soul finding goal and has impeccable integrity towards Self, Others, and Journey into the Heart branding. We all work in sync with one heart and mind and have freedom and ease around everything we do. Everyone we touch with our message through media, modalities, workshops, and retreats will be touched in their hearts with our commitment to Truth, Love, and Light and experience the power of impeccable truth.


Shauna Cuch

is a shadow expert. She earned her Level 1 and Advanced Family  Ecology/Nature, Business Org. Consulting and Health Wellness constellation certification. She also studied extensive relationship courses and is certified to teach Understanding Men, all about the not so obvious differences between men and women. She is also a coach and business consultant.

Shauna brings a unique and genuine inclusion of ancient healing wisdom traditions and rituals in life and systems to her constellations.  Her method(s) are widely used in a multitude of countries that value the work Family Constellations and Systemic Healing offer. 


The use of a wide variety of specific and dynamic modalities, raises the vibration, frequency and consciousness of her wisdom in the circle. Her approach is unique, individualized and draws on her years of experience not only in Constellations, but Shadow Clearing transmuting darkness to light within our divine energy fields.