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A truly transformational journey to sovereignty in all of your relationships. 8 days of powerful constellations + 2 (optional) days of plant medicine in the desert medicine space.

Time & Location

Jun 18, 8:00 AM – Jun 25, 6:00 PM

About the Event

Do you struggle with self-love because of deep patterns that cause blame, shame, and guilt when you

are giving it your best?

We know we are love, but why do we have unconscious judgment and loathing for our Self? 

Why do we not feel loved no matter how much someone tells we are loved?

Includes 8 Full Days of Constellations, an evening Cacoa Ceremony, two meals a day in lovely Zion with access to pool and hot tub ( private room upgrade optional ). Each day begins with breath work and yoga with Nicole. Hape is offered daily.  We have 2 scheduled hikes and optional plant medicine ceremony (2 in Medicine space). PLUS 7 Weeks of Online Integration calls. PLUS weekly group coaching calls. PLUS 1 "One-on-One" coaching call.

Relationship Alchemy is one of the most powerful ways to take a deep dive into self-love that is offered

on the planet. We can guarantee results because we deal with your energetic issues on the unconscious

level. You will not fall back into the revolving door of your old patterns like you do with most other

courses. This is not a motivational course but a very intensive workshop that will help you create the life

you want. Shauna  can guarantee results with full participation. If you or someone you know is experiencing 

challenges that are unsurmountable, this isthe place to turn those challenges into victories. 

We help you not only at the 8 Day Retreat but the following 7 weeks you will receive life-changing information on

 how to integrate your new life with a foundation of integrity, authenticity, and vulnerability. 

Your dysfunctional patterns will dissolve as you face into the deep ancestral and 

personal patterns that reveal who you are not.

You will recieve the following:

Ancestral Constellations:  Each one of us came through a family system. We are connected energetically to that ancestral line. Quantum science has now proven that stuck energy and trauma are passed down generationally until that energy is witnessed and healed. You carry emotions that do not belong to you. Our ancestors did not have the privilege of experiencing this new energy and healing modalities that we have access to now. We are not only carrying their baggage, but we are passing challenging and dysfunctional patterns to our children. When you choose to heal these deep unconscious patterns that lie within your energy field, you are rewriting your history forwards and back. According to science, you are healing generations of stuck energy that cause illness and mental challenges to ourself and out future generations. This is very deep work.

Are you frustrated with your inability to overcome certain behaviors that cause painful experiences in your relationships with others?

Personal Constellations:  From your womb until your adult life, you absorb your parents, siblings, teachers etc., ideas, thoughts, patterns, and trauma. None of which belong to you. You are unconsciously carrying these patterns and limiting beliefs into your relationships with your loved one, friends, and co-workers. It is difficult to realize that you are unconsciously communicating these unconscious thoughts non-verbally l Once you observe these patterns in the constellation circle, you free yourself from these patterns you learn who you are not and are able to turn your back on your old patterns and live your own truth. Your triggers will dissipate and your vibrational frequency will rise exponentially.

Medicine with Brigham is scheduled for the two days following the retreat, June 25-27. Our group will travel to Coral Mountain, deep in the Zion desert, to recieve powerful medicine in a medicine space. Please inform Shauna if you plan to join us for this special offering. 

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