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Relationship Rescue & Shadow Work

Come to beautiful Zion for a 5 day deep dive into unpacking, witnessing, and working with your shadow so you can better communicate in all of your relationships, especially your partner. Daily constellations, evening code cracking communication coaching, yoga, breath work, and hikes/swimming.
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Relationship Rescue & Shadow Work

Time & Location

May 20, 2021, 8:00 AM MDT – May 25, 2021, 4:00 PM MDT
Location is TBD

About the Event

Are you single and keep attracting the same disfucntional relationships in your life?

Are you in scarcity and you keep sabotaging your financial abundance?

Are you experiencing frustration and reoccurring dialogue when attempting to relate to the opposite

gender, causing you to feel lonely or shut out in a relationship?

Shadow Work is so important.

I was extremely thrilled to find this quote from Bruce Lipton, a well known scientist and advocate for epigenetics. In my work, I ask the question “Who is driving your bus?” He speaks about putting your hands on the wheel. I concur with his scientific discoveries. Epigenetics is the study of how genes can be modified through changes in the environment, behavior, and consciousness. Lipton explains how optimal health begins with an understanding of how the mind works. “Let’s put it this way: …Genetics is victimization. [We’re taught that] you got these genes, and you didn’t pick them. You can’t change them. They work without you, and all of a sudden, your genes are controlling your life. So we have programmed people to be victims, believing that they have no power over their lives. It’s the total opposite picture with epigenetics, [which] reveals… the individual consciousness is controlling the genetic activity. So if I change my consciousness, then I can control my genetics. And all of a sudden, you go from victim to master. [What] we have to recognize is that the mind is not a single thing. The mind is at least two different entities: There is a conscious mind, which is connected to your spirituality, your uniqueness, your identity. It’s creative. And that’s a lobe of tissue just behind your forehead, the latest evolution of the brain. The remaining 90 percent … is the subconscious mind, which emphasizes “below” consciousness. So when it’s operating, you don’t have to be aware of it. You know, it works without you even thinking about it. This is the crux of the problem, globally and planet-wise. The moment you are thinking, your conscious mind lets go of the wheel … and goes inside to process thinking. Ninety-five percent of the day on average, and up to 99 percent of the day for many of us, we’re thinking … so the behavior that comes out is from the subconscious mind… Now, seventy percent of those programs are disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors. [So when the mind] lets go of the wheel to go inside [and think or process], the subconscious goes on autopilot. Whatever the heck you were doing, the subconscious will put its hands on the wheel and drive you. That means that 95 percent of the day, your life is not coming from your intention, your wishes and your desires. Ninety-five percent of the day, you are playing programs automatically, subconsciously, and not observing them. And most of them have a negative aspect, so the joke is, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot all day. So here’s the practical part. Your life is a printout of your subconscious programs. Period. Okay, why is that relevant? [To get what we want in life, we keep trying] to override the subconscious with the conscious. And so you put a lot of effort into it … but the subconscious is a million times more powerful. Do the math, and you realize why we struggle and struggle: because the [subconscious] programs are not allowing us to realize what we want. Finally, how do mindfulness and awareness fit into all of this? [Recapping,] your life is in the program, and you will manifest the program you’ve got. But if you stop thinking and you stay mindful, then the conscious mind’s got its hands on the wheel all the time. And the conscious mind is taking you to [your] wishes and desires.” Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a cell biologist, former faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and researcher at Stanford University, is a world-renowned speaker and the best-selling author of Biology of Belief. More at 

Ancestral Constellation: Each one of us came through a family system. We are connected energetically to that

ancestral line. Quantum science has now proven that stuck energy and trauma are passed down

generationally until that energy is witnessed and healed. You carry emotions that do not belong to you.

Our ancestors did not have the privilege of experiencing this new energy and healing modalities that we

have access to now. We are not only carrying their baggage, but we are passing challenging and

dysfunctional patterns to our children. When you choose to heal these deep unconscious patterns that

lie within your energy field, you are rewriting your history forwards and back. According to science, you

are healing generations of stuck energy that cause illness and mental challenges to ourself and out

future generations. This is very deep work.

Personal Constellation: From your womb until your adult life, you absorb your parents, siblings, teachers etc., ideas,

thoughts, patterns, and trauma. None of which belong to you. You are unconsciously carrying these

patterns and limiting beliefs into your relationships with your loved one, friends, and co-workers. It is

difficult to realize that you are unconsciously communicating these unconscious thoughts non-verbally l

Once you observe these patterns in the constellation circle, you free yourself from these patterns, you

learn who you are not, and are able to turn your back on your old patterns and live your own truth. Your

triggers will dissipate and your vibrational frequency will rise exponentially.

As for relationships, we all have survival instincts that cause knee-jerk reactions and become very painful in

relationships. Worse than that, we have two completely opposite energies that we are dealing with.

The hunter is single focused on results, they do not like options, alternatives, and possibilities while focusing

on a result. The gathers have diverse awareness meaning they connect to everyone and everything in the

room. They love options, alternatives, and possibilities and struggle with overwhelm when they are

under pressure to get a result. This is just one of many examples of the differences in these instinctive

ways of being with opposite energies. It is especially important for parent, lovers, and children to

understand the differences. Why? Because gathers think that hunters are misbehaving when they are

single focused. Hunters have frustration, anger, and judgment towards the behaviors of Gather because

they do not know how to deal with the behavior of gathers. Knowledge is the glue for coherence on

both points of view. Gathers learn how to connect with single focus, Hunters learn how to get clarity and

appreciate diverse awareness.

The day will be spend doing Ancestral and Personal Constellations. 

    An unresolved ancestral issue leaves a family imprint or pattern that you find yourself engaged in which you devote no conscious attention to. You just do it. Repetitions of that behavior create an entire lifestyle, whether positive or negative.  In Constellations we recognize that we often hold onto unconscious energy-thoughts that come from others and became our beliefs, or energy handed down to us in our very cells that affect our everyday lives. You have to be conscious of these thoughts in order to have an effect on them. Constellations flip the switch on our unconscious behavior by getting to the energetic root of the unconscious thought by revealing the unconscious stories and trauma while releasing the energy causing the blocks or behaviors in the body. After the release, the movement of the soul begins the healing process in the unconscious and you find yourelf engaging in positive behaviors without it even being a conscious change. It happens organically.  Family Constellations is a confidential work that uses the ancestral energetic connection that we all have to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members and current generations. In one room, participants reconstruct their "family system" to identify and solve fundamental issues. They can choose to be observers, to represent a person in someone else's family, or a "seeker" placing their family in the circle using reprentatives.  Family members are not required in the workshop. We each carry a "Knowing Field" (knowledge coming from the circle) that brings forth the phenomenon of "family presence" in the workshop. Shauna prepares the room and holds space for truth, love, and light to replace the blame, shame and guilt that we as humans inherently hold on to. Healing happens because we set a strong intention and take action by showing up for our family systems to be healed. After the truth is acknowledged, then Shauna assists the representatives in the healing process, setting strong energetic boundaries to create a healthy family system.  The result is family patterns are cleared out of the DNA strand that was causing the disruption of love and serenity all the way to the core issue.

Cost $4444 includes 5 Full Days of Constellations, evening coaching, Room & Board (breakfast + lunch) in lovely Zion with access to pool and hot tub ( private room upgrade optional ). Each day begins with breath work and yoga with Nicole. Hape' is offered at end of evening to those who wish to share it ceremonially.  We have 2 scheduled hikes and optional plant medicine ceremony ( 2 in Medicine space ). PLUS 5 Follow Up Weeks of Relationship Coaching online. PLUS weekly group coaching calls. PLUS 1 "One-on-One" coaching call and one emergency personal or couples coaching call. 

Bring a friend and receive $500 off! 

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