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Wisdom of the Shadow Expert - 4 Online Sessions

Medicine Wheel Wisdom. We have 3 energy centers that hold information ~ there is no past or future ~ all negative energy from ancestors stays in your system even when they pass on unless transmuted or altered ~ you can change your past, therefore, create your new reality of the future.
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Wisdom of the Shadow Expert - 4 Online Sessions

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Jul 11, 2021, 5:00 PM MDT – Aug 22, 2021, 6:30 PM MDT
Online Event

About the Event

Sunday, July 11th 5:00p.m MST Shadow

Sunday, July 18th 5:00p.m. MST Experimenation

Sunday, Aug 1, 5:00p.m MST Integration

Sunday, August 22, 5:00p.m MST Transcendence 

In four weeks, I will be covering the four principles of transcendence and why Shadow work is such an important piece to shifting into our Divine.

Session 1 :   Shadow. I will explain what shadow looks like and how to disempower shadow by understanding how to embrace it and live in-flow rather than resist our shadow.  I will explain the science behind shadow, and the way our shadow communicates and how it relates to the shifts that are happening on the earth. You will understand how you can shift into a higher frequency and why that is important. Then we will talk about how to discover who are metaphysically.

Session 2:  Experimentation.  Examine how important it is to experience all truth, even untruth, to help expand our coherence to find compassion for one another.

Session 3:  Integration:   How to bring light, love, and truth to our own darkness, the pathway to our Divine. To discover the judgements and fears that keep us separate from ourselves.

Session 4:  Transcendence.  Learn how to step out of the illusions of shame, blame, and guilt that leaves us powerless.  Become sovereign in your relationship with Source so that we are untouched by outside influences because we hold such a high vibration and frequency.

Science is now backing up Spirituality. According to science, we only know 5% of who we are. The other 95% is our unconscious shadow that runs our life. Dr. Jeffry Fannin, a neuroscientist who maps the brain and energy fields says, “When your ancestors pass on, they do not take the negative energy and emotions that were unexpressed with them. These emotions stay in your family system until they have been witnessed and expressed. Only then will these unconscious emotions be altered or transmuted by the observer with a strong intention of love, light, and truth.”

Expression-In order to free yourself and your family of these unconscious thoughts and feelings up to the fourth generation of your ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc.) Their experiences and trauma get to be transmuted by members of the family system by setting a strong intention and observing their truth. This is a scientific fact that is powerful and necessary to transcend these unexpressed emotions. Does that mean we are stuck in their pain and suffering? Not if we allow ourselves to delve deep into the emotions without resistance, only to witness and express what has never been witnessed. We chose our family system to experience the polarization and become a higher version of our Self.

Experimentation-The action of trying new ideas and methods. We are here to experience every point of view, the truth, and the untruth of what we create in our lives. This brings us to the coherence of all that we came here to learn. If we deny another person’s point of view as bad and wrong, we are left with our own judgments to deal within our Self. If we bring all the conflict outside our Self to see what is, within our Self, we will have a better understanding of our own judgments that keep us stuck in resentments and conflicts that are present to teach us coherence.

Integration-The action or process of integrating. Our Shadow is our truth and our untruth. When we avoid and deny our shadow, we are denying the truth that we hold in our very own energy field. The only way to become the master of our emotions is to delve into our shadow and see the message that is there for us to learn about our Self. Our Divine power lies within our shadow. By bringing light and love to our shadow, the power of shadow is subdued, and we become the power that lies within our hidden truth.

Transcendence-This refers to the aspect of Creators nature and power which is wholly independent of the material universe, beyond all physical laws. We cannot transcend the physical laws if we are by-passing our unconscious thoughts and feeling. Shadow gains power over our actions and our family system when it is consistently negated and ignored. When we escape our own hidden truth by attaching ourselves to material and earthly possessions, we are stuck in the illusion of the 3rd dimension that we are powerless within, so we look outside ourselves for safety and security. Yet the power to create our needs comes from transcending this belief.

The Earth is shifting into the fourth dimension, the heart chakra. The time is now for Integration and Ascension into higher consciousness. Join us, as we give birth to ourselves in greater and yet greater Wisdom, Freedom, Truth, and Love.

“Love is the Highest Truth. The Truth is the Only Power. The Power is in the Word. The Word is I AM.”

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