Case History - Example

Case #1: Adreanne, 42 years old, two children.

"My Great Grandmother Died shortly after My Great Grandfather helped her abort her baby".

Issue: Adreanne had an extensive history of sexual shame and hiding her gifts. She was told by many facilitators that she was hiding from herself.  “I have had a lot of shame for things in my past and I keep getting told I am hiding. I don’t know any other way to deal with life".  She had known of the sexual trauma in her family history but had no idea how it had impacted her life.

Family History: Adreanne’s great grandmother Evelyn became pregnant when she already had a two-year-old girl. Her husband couldn’t afford another child. Abortion was illegal, so he insisted that she allow him to abort the baby even though that went against all her morals. Evelyn died a short time after. Her death certificate says she died from a forest fire but the family believes she may have died from gangrene. There were two other forced abortions known in Adreanne's ancestral line that included her grandma and her aunt.

The Circle Revealed: Evelyn died in a state of horrible regret, trauma, and shame. She was so devastated she could not forgive herself. Evelyn's representative kept trying to leave the circle to hide under tables, chairs or whatever she could find to hide from her shame. She did not feel worthy of forgiveness, she was stuck in her own hell. She had unexpressed anger toward her husband for insisting on the abortion.

Resolution: Once Evelyn expressed all of her stored up emotion toward her husband and her regret toward her unborn baby, she was able to reconcile with herself and find forgiveness for herself. Adreanne was able to observe the feelings she was carrying for her grandmother and realize they did not belong to her.

Comments: The emotions were so traumatic that they continued through four generations, creating unusual circumstances of shame, blame, and guilt in the lives of Evelyn's posterity.

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