Is the love of your life losing interest?


Is it difficult to find and sustain a relationship?


Is your sex life stale or non-existent?


Do you feel like you are living in the same house but feeling lonely, not appreciated, nor listened to?


10 Day Event in Zion

Imagine if you could attend a powerful event with follow up online training  and magically transform your relationship with anyone you know simply because you have special tools that make you irresistible and lovable.


Are you tired of paying for retreats only to find yourself back into that revolving door of limiting patterns that do not serve you?


Learn new ways to navigate triggers that used to shut down you or your partner. Discover how to satisfy their deepest needs,  have mind-blowing sex, and  reawaken the passion.


Journey into the Heart staff take your needs seriously. Because we do the work on the energetic level as well as the physical level, we offer lasting solutions that make huge improvements even after you integrate back into your reality.


Why energetic?

You only know 10% of who you are. the other 90% is running your life.  We first help you discover your own self-love and help you heal your own inner conflict.


You will have tools to address the seven biggest reasons for relationship failure

1)  How to identify reoccurring patterns that weaken connection.

2)  How to co-create your sex life to work for both of you

3)  How to put your partner first and still fulfill duties as a parent

4)  How to negotiate your financial responsibilities

5)  How to set boundaries without making each other wrong

6)  How to make a strong loving request that overrides complaints

7)  How to communicate and get resolution in the midst of extreme anger and conflict


We have created a special 10 Day Event plus 7 Week follow up  program designed to help you clear your ancestral patterns, heal baggage from the past, create a new version of you metaphysically. We help you heal the past, start with a clean sheet, and support you to show up more powerfully. You will create the connection to a higher love and intimacy that you never imagined possible.


The combination of 8 full days of Constellations, both ancestral and personal combined with two days of plant medicine to clear the old patterns is a powerful alchemy for lasting change. The intense depth created by 8 full days of Constellations take participants so much deeper than if only a weekend event. The last two days of the event are spent at a medicine space in Zion to do deep spiritual clearing. This section of the event is optional and will require counsel with Shaman Brigham. The event will have 7 follow up weeks of online training with Shauna  (Zoom).  With the Journey Into The Heart Relationship Alchemy workbook and role playing and discussion we will end the old energy in your relationship and clean your slate by healing past drama and resentments so you can move into the new version of yourself.  These seminars will be recorded so you will have access to them over and over. If you cannot make it they will be available at your convenience.